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          Corporate culture


          "Strict management"

          In order to continuously develop and grow our products and improve the market competitiveness of our products, we must strictly implement various management standards and systems, so that we can "depend on the law and have rules to follow." Each employee strictly demands himself according to the "job responsibilities", doing everything seriously and responsibly, and working together for the development goals of the company.

           "Continuous improvement"

          With the development of enterprises, the changing market and customer needs, enterprises should pay more attention to process improvement, management improvement, product design improvement, and continuously improve product quality and service. In this process, we need to constantly inspire the wisdom of every employee, work hard for the benign development of all aspects of the company, and continuously and long-term pursuit of continuous improvement of process methods and working methods.

           "Customer satisfaction"

          Focusing on customers is the embodiment of our important management philosophy; the quality characteristics of our products determine the safety and effectiveness of our products and are the primary quality requirements. Because it is closely related to the health and safety of customers. Therefore, product quality must be given top priority in all aspects of our work. In the product, "the quality of the product is the character of our Kangkang people" requirements; continuously enhance the quality awareness, and strive to improve product quality and customer satisfaction, quality management system requirements, legal and regulatory requirements, customer requirements and product standards Based on the requirements, we provide customers with quality products and services to achieve customer satisfaction.

           "The pursuit of excellence"

          Our products are oriented to the international market, there is no guarantee of product quality, and there is no market. Therefore, to provide quality products, create a good brand image, and be the top enterprise in the industry is our goal.

          The quality policy is the purpose and direction of the company's quality management, and all employees should fully understand and implement it in the quality activities.

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